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Little Nuggets of Commonality

I read so much non-fiction these days that, sometimes, I forget the healing power of subtle representations of the commonalities we sometimes share. It's one thing for a self-help book to tell you that you're not alone. It's another to see that subtle tip of the hat expressed by the musings of a single character.

David Mitchell, Slade House.

I brought David Mitchell's Slade House along with me to the beach and was immediately re-introduced by his wonderfully quirky and lyrical way with words. Like this little gem.

Great writing.

I too feel that way about words at times. Like they can have other unspoken characteristics about them. You probably have as well. Like how the name 'Gertrude' sounds old or the word 'moist' makes you uncomfortable. What a wonderful way for Mitchell to connect with the reader and say 'Hey, me too' with a wink and a smile.

It also isn't something you can force. It needs to be authentic for the connection to seal. I hope one day someone reads something I've written and experiences that wink and smile... That they're happy we're on the same page.

Literally and figuratively speaking.

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