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West Brook General Hospital closed its doors for good over a decade ago, but the halls were far from empty even before Sam Gilbert arrived. Hard living in New York sends the broken photographer back to her small hometown to serve as the hospital’s new caretaker. Everyone tells her the building is haunted. But the job comes with free room and board, plus a little extra cash to help her get back on her feet. Not to mention, it isn’t her old bedroom at her parent’s house. She soon finds life back in West Brook isn’t all that bad. New friends emerge to make her days less lonely. Then an old love resurfaces in Shelby Walker, forcing Sam to face her past mistakes. Just as life starts to look brighter, her new abode gets darker and darker.


Will Sam brave the growls, footsteps and phantom voices that surround her to figure out what happened at West Brook General? Or will she succumb to her own demons along the way?

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Nook (Coming Soon)

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