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Up the Roller Coaster

I used to be terrified of roller coasters. I never understood how that feeling of your stomach going into your throat could be fun. Especially since you couldn't stop it and you couldn't control it. I stayed away from them pretty much until I was a teenager and the fear of them was basically socially unacceptable. I'd worry the entire time I stood in line, I'd start shaking once I got in the seat and I'd kind of wonder if it was all worth it if I had a heart attack and was embarrassed about that afterward anyway.

I've pretty much felt that way for the past few weeks regarding the book release.

But... I've submitted the book to all the appropriate outlets now. It's going to be released tomorrow no matter what. This is the part where the roller coaster starts its metaphorical climb. And somehow, perhaps through some convenient body chemistry that preserves the fearful humans, when the climb starts I'm as cool as a cucumber. I know there's nothing I can do. Nothing but hold on for the ride... which will probably only amount to the thrill of of The Monorail.

Thanks for going with me, guys!

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