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I think it's important to set some pretty lofty goals when you start any project. To me, anything worth doing is worth doing over the top or not at all. This same sentiment tends to get me in a lot of trouble when it comes to how prone I am to shooting off at the mouth, but in 33 years I haven't shaken it and I doubt I will in the next 33.

One of my major goals was to try to write words that connected with people; sentences that reflected the reader's own feelings.

The other was to keep someone up past midnight. 

I was lucky enough to kill two birds with one reader and Liz was kind enough to let me know that.

First, she reached out to tell me that she was enjoying the book and let me know about a particular line that she liked.

And then she said this when I asked permission to use her words in this blog:

I still have two more to go but to knock out half of them in under a week is solid progress in my book.

Thank you for your kind words, Liz. They mean the world to me.

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