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Child's Play

With the best of intentions at heart, my Dad continues to insist that I write children's books because they are more accessible than the semi-R-rated material I like to put out there.

Plus my grandmother could actually read my work and not faint from my sailor mouth and heathen ways.

This is not going to happen.

A - Because I have no interest in things that interest children.


B - Because it's extremely important to me to write about real, important things without using metaphorical animals or dancing around the point.

If kids (hopefully older ones) pick up my book, I want to show them that LGBTQA people are normal. To emphasize the struggle faced by people of color (to the best of my ability as a white girl who is still learning how to combat her own privilege). To re-enforce the idea that women are just as deserving of every single opportunity that is so freely offered to their male counterparts.

If a kid picks up my book, sure, they're going to learn a few new four letter words. But I think it's more important that they learn to respect themselves and others for the different struggles we all face each and every day.

And, if ever some kid does tell me that one of my books made them feel less alone and more empowered about their future, then I will have accomplished my most important goal as a writer.

I do believe the children are our future.

That's why I'm writing lots of gay and progressive shit for them.

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