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The Absence of Fear

I take in a lot of content about writing. Mostly because I have so much to learn but also because I find it inspiring to hear other peoples' stories of struggle, triumph and everything in between.

One thing I keep coming across recently is the concept of fear being the main roadblock that most people have when it comes to writing a book.

And this is so strange for me because the fear I experienced didn't present itself until way after I'd finished writing my book. If I was afraid of anything while writing my manuscript it was that I would die in a car wreck or a freak accident before I ever had the chance to finish it.

When I write, I'm safe. I'm in a controlled world where, in even the darkest of circumstances, I know how to make everything OK.

The fear came before I pushed the publish button. It grips my stomach each time I see a new review pop up. It eats at me when I think about something tragic happening that could stop me from writing the next one.

Writing is my port in life's storm. Hell, at this point, it's my girlfriend. And, with this one, I never have to be afraid. If anything, when I'm writing, there is an absence of fear.

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